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Prakolar SATO achieve ISO 14001.


Certified ISO 9001, audited and approved by ​Disney’s International Labor Standards (ILS), ​and recently ISO 14001, Prakolar SATO, one of the leading suppliers of primary labels in Brazil, has made great investments in technology and processes to serve its customers with great performance, innovation and sustainability.

ISO 14001 specifies the requirements of the Environmental Management System, recognizing the structure for protection considering the ecological aspects influenced by Prakolar SATO.

The certification happened after compliance with the standards established in the Environmental Management System, which apply actions to keep a responsible environmental policy, natural resources saving, employee awareness, handling and final destination of waste by correctly ways.

It is important to mention that Prakolar SATO produce labels thinking about to take care of the environmental and promote actions like investments in natural lighting, better performance with lower consumption in the production area, selective garbage collection, rainwater reuse system, etc.