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Prakolar Sato wins 7 trophies in one award.

Currently "Professor Sergio Vay Flexo Quality Award" is considered the main award of the brazilian flexographic technology conversion industry. This year the ceremony happened in the night of October 27, at the Social Hall of the "São Paulo Military Circle" and featured the exclusive award for the "Top Winners", which was delivered to the most awarded converters since the award beginning, 25 years ago, and Prakolar SATO was one of them.  
Prakolar was awarded with 7 trophies in a single night, they are:

  • Top Winners 25 years (one of the most awarded converter of all times)
  • Best Narrow Web Converter 2017
  • Top Ten Converter 2017
  • 1st place narrow web - embossing
  • 1st place narrow web - film
  • 1st place narrow web - solid
  • 2nd place self adhesive film - screen printing

Win 7 trophies in a single night is impressive. A very important recognition that highlights the excellence gained in more than 50 years of experience, innovation and major investments in high-technology.